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Photos of Spanish Arch Galway

Spanish Arch in Galway is separated from the famous Claddagh area by the River Corrib. Claddagh is just a short walk over the Wolfe Tone Bridge. The Spanish Arch was built in 1584 as an extension to the city walls where Spanish ships unloaded their cargo of mainly brandy and wine. Since the 1600s most of the city walls have disappeared mainly due to neglect. Today the only part of the old city walls can be seen in the Eyre Square Shopping Mall where the wall and turret have been incorporated as a feature in the centre of the Shopping Centre. The other surviving section is the Spanish Arch itself. Close to the Spanish Arch you can visit the newly built Galway Museum which opened in 2006 and has many old photographs and documents on display. There are also some fine examples of medieval stonework.
Wolf Tone Bridge close to Spanish Arch Galway

Spanish Arch and part of old Galway wall
View of Long Walk Galway

Swans at Spanish Arch Galway

Open area at Spanish Arch Galway

Spanish Arch taken from Claddagh Galway

Spanish Arch and Long Walk Galway

View under Spanish Arch Galway

People relaxing in the sunshine at Spanish Arch Galway

Wolf Tone Bridge close to Spanish Arch and Jurys Hotel Galway

River Corrib at night close to Spanish Arch and Claddagh Galway